Constraints of the Saharan Rangeland on Camels

Publié le 10 avril 2012
par Yael Kouzmine

Auteurs : Abdelhakim SENOUSSI (1) ,Youcef BENSEMAOUNE (1) and Bernard FAYE (2)

(1) : Laboratoire de Bio Ressources Sahariennes ; Préservation et Valorisation. U.K..M. – Ouargla

(2) : C.I.R.A.D. Montpellier CMEP TASSILI (N° 09 MDU 754)

Known as an animal of the ecological conquest and occupation of arid lands, the camel remains the ultimate single specie to adapt easily to the ecologically harsh Sahara, as it is a potential provider of various products. In fact, it has so many qualities that it is considered as a factor in the ecological balance, while its virtues livestock contribute to regard it as part of the productivity of the Sahara through a proven pastoral industry. Moreover, if the natural environment of camels, represented by the rangeland, considered as the main medium for the breeder and especially for the animal that builds much of its daily diet, the main limitation is actually in their use. Duality between animal species and duality of the breeders’ logics. This study reveals a tough competition in the matter of exploitation, clearings and a subtraction of the rangeland space in favor of agricultural perimeters. Many constraints that now mark the pastoral Sahara.

Keywords : Sahara, camels, rangeland, Use, Constraints

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